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The boys in Ghetto Pony met during their formative years in Guelph Ontario, yet it wasn’t until 2004, a year and a half after moving together to Montreal, that these ponies got their horse blinds on and took their place in the race. « Shouting Squirrels, Leaping Lizards » was self-released in October 2003 and used as a demo for many Montreal shows that followed. In August 2005 Ghetto Pony toured Canada from Halifax to Vancouver in support of their first full-length « Post Apocalyptic Bubblegum Music. » While always keeping a good presence in Montreal, they have also been making regular trips to Southern Ontario and have earned a steady following. 2007 saw Ghetto Pony touring the U.S. for three straight months, overcoming epic van-troubles, begging banks for credit increases, and playing more shows than they can recall. Also, their song « Praymantis » was released on a compilation from Montreal’s Saboteur Records entitled « Tight. » Now Ghetto Pony are hungry for something more than just Poutine. They are well groomed, fully trained and ready to gallop like their stable caught fire.